Skoči na glavno vsebino

Angleška bralna značka


List za kratko poročilo o prebrani knjigi skupaj z navodili učenci dobijo pri svoji učiteljici angleščine.




5. razred:

In the Sky

Chicken Licken

The Wild Swans

The Pearl Girl


Rabbit’s Friends

Pam and Rick

Dino’s Day in London

The Last Photo

Africa Adventure

Marcel Goes to Hollywood



6. razred:

Simon and the Spy

The Elves and the Shoemaker

The Ghost House

Super Quiz Champion

Flying HomeMaisie and the Dolphin
Marcel Goes to Hollywood

Billy and the Queen

Tinkers Farm

Lisa Goes to London

Ali and his Camera

The Leopard and the Lighthouse

Marcel and the Mona Lisa

Island for Sale



7. razred:

Blue Moon Valley

Between Two Worlds

Hannah and the Hurricane

Marcel and the White Star

Aladdin and the Lamp

Tinkers Island

The Selfish Giant

Karen and the Artist

Kim’s Choice

The Cup in the Forest

The White Oryx

Who wants to be a Star?


The Pone Rings

The Troy Stone

The Emperor’s New Clothes

The Tim Soldier


Amazon Rally

Robin Hood

Happy Christmas!

Treasure Island

Fire in the Forest



Just Like a Movie



8. razred:


Barcelona Game

The Secret Garden

The Cay

Fly Away Home

Girl Meets Boy

Money to Burn

Mickey’s Lucky Day


Robinson Crusoe

The Gold Lasso

The Climb


Lost in New York

The Winner

Inspector Holt: the Bridge

The Crown

The Magic Garden

Stories from Five Towns


Logan’s Choice

The Prince and the Pauper

Appollo’s Gold

Christmas Carol

Girl in the Jungle

Project Omega


Sweet Valley High



9. razred:

Falling for You

The Earthquake

The Stolen Diary

White Fang

K’s First Case

Under the Greenwood Tree

Treasure Island

The Storm

He Mysterious Island

Brothers in Egypt


Seet Valley High – Secrets

Chance of a Lifetime

Fly Away Home

The Prince of Egypt

The Titanic Story

Jojo’s Story

The Lost Twin

A Picture to Remember

Double Cross

High Life – Low Life

Down the River

My Family and Other animals

The Man from Nowhere

Great Expectations

Oliver Twist

Race to the Moon

The Lady in White

The Fruitcake and Other Stories

But Was It Murder?